Thieves Targeting Cars & Stores for Goods

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Didn’t she know there might be criminals here? Our victim was in a 52-4 District courtroom and during the proceedings, she left her purse on the last-row bench.  When she returned to the area, she found the purse had been stolen.  Inside her purse was her ATM / Credit card, her United States Social Security Card, her prescription glasses, a personal pin, car keys, sunglasses, and make-up. There is no reason to carry your social security card; it’s like asking to have your identity stolen.

Some criminal needs this plate. If this happens to you, report it immediately, or you might be suspected with a crime. A victim discovered while inside the business, unknown suspect(s) stole her State of Michigan License Plate off her black 2016 Chevrolet Equinox while the vehicle was parked in the parking lot on John R.

Perhaps someone on the softball team knew where to find it. No forced entry. Hmm. This victim parked his 2016 Ram 1500 SLT Pick-up in the softball league parking lot on Wheaton and locked the vehicle.  When he returned to it, he found his blue 2015 Smith and Wesson Semi-Automatic Handgun missing from the center console.  There were no signs of forced entry.

New cars have things thieves love to steal. Another victim discovered unknown suspect(s) broke out a window to the vehicles to gain access inside.  The suspect(s) broke out the passenger side sliding door window of a black Chrysler Town and Country and the driver’s side sliding door window of a white 2015 Chrysler Town and Country to steal the in-dash radios and back-up camera systems.

Really, no suspects? Our victim left his 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Pick-up at the dealership for service.  Inside the glove box was his prescription bottle of Adderall that contained 10 pills.  When he picked up his truck after the service was completed, he found unknown suspect(s) stole the prescription bottle.

Thieves love a good set of wheels. A Woodside Trail resident discovered unknown suspect(s) stole the wheels and rims to his 2013 Ford Edge while the vehicle was parked in front of his apartment.  The vehicle was left atop landscaping blocks. Thieves come with the landscaping blocks and leave filled with wheels.

This is how this guy earned his living, until now. Witness heard a sound coming from inside the business and observed a suspect walking back and forth around a white Ford Explorer in the fenced-in section of the property.  Arriving officers arrived and observed two vehicles driving through the business without their headlights on.  One of the vehicles, a white 2002 Dodge Caravan, drove toward the John R Exit and crashed through the main gate.  The vehicle drove southbound on John R Road with a patrol vehicle in pursuit.

The vehicle, which was believed to contain three possible suspects was able to elude officers to make its escape.  The second vehicle, a green 2000 Dodge Caravan, was stopped by officers as it tried to escape. The driver ran out of the vehicle and was apprehended a short time later during a foot pursuit.

The driver, a 21-year-old male out of Detroit, was placed into handcuffs.  It was determined that his State of Michigan Operator’s License was ‘Suspended’ by the Michigan Secretary of State for having nine unpaid parking tickets.  He also had eight misdemeanor warrants for his arrest.  The vehicle he was driving had been reported stolen by the Dearborn Heights Police Department.  Found inside the van was 16 rims and tires stolen from four vehicles parked inside the business parking lot.  He was arrested and charged with Larceny From an Automobile, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Receiving Stolen Property, Obstruction of a Police Officer, and Driving While License Suspended.

I’m guessing they observed this theft on video, and not while it was happening or they would have called the police. Two unknown subjects came into the drug store and stole 44 bottles of designer fragrances from a locked case.  The black male subject removed the screws from the side panel of the case to be able to reach inside to remove the bottles.  The subject placed the merchandise on the ground as he pulled it out of the case where the black female subject gather them up and placed them into a hand bag.  The suspects then left the store with two young children, failing to pay for the merchandise which totaled $2,108.

Call the police if this guy returns. Home Depot Loss Prevention reports on two occasions, a 27-year-old male from Royal Oak has come into the business and stolen merchandise.  The suspect stole $898 worth of merchandise from the business during the first incident and $238 worth of merchandise in the second theft.  During the second theft, an employee observed the suspect enter a black 2012 Buick Enclave which quickly exited the parking lot.

It’s a spooky season, for sure. A 54-year-old female from Warren came to Halloween Spirit on John R and stole $38.96 worth of merchandise for sale in the store.  The suspect was stopped by an employee but the suspect simply walked out of the business and placed the items into the trunk of her green 2006 Cadillac DTS.  The suspect was located in a near-by business and spoke to the responding officers.  She admitted her theft and allowed the officers to retrieve them from the trunk of her vehicle was issued a misdemeanor citation for Retail Fraud – 3rd Degree by the responding officers.

If you come with the tools, you’re probably a career criminal. Responding officer assisted Victoria Secret Loss Prevention in apprehending a 30-year-old female from Detroit who came to the business and stole $276.40 worth of merchandise.  The suspect was seen concealing other merchandise after removing the security anti-theft sensors, but when she observed the responding officer inside the business, she left those items totaling $158.85 behind.  When she exited the store, the security anti-theft sensors sounded and she proceeded to run through the mall.  The responding officer chased after her, ordering her to stop several times which she ignored.  With the help of Somerset Collection Security, the suspect was stopped and arrested.

Found in her possession including the stolen merchandise was a pair of wire cutters used to remove the security anti-theft sensors.  She was arrested and brought to the Troy Police Lock-up Facility where she provided a false name to the responding officer and lock-up personal.  She was fingerprinted and the system indicated what her true identity was.  The suspect had multiple warrants for her arrest.   She was charged with Retail Fraud – 2nd Degree, Organized Retail Fraud, Possession of Burglary Tools and Obstruction of a Police Officer.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes, or any other offenses, please call the Troy Police Department at 248-524-3477.