Tragic Fatal Stabbing in Utica

THE SCENE AT GRANT PARK in Utica Saturday, September 1 as first responders secured the area around the fatal stabbing crime scene. Photo courtesy of Steve Trombley, Macomb County Scanner


Last Saturday, a man was fatally stabbed in Utica’s Grant Park. Michael Martin Shereda, 57 of Warren, was attending his 1-year-old grandson’s birthday party when he asked a man to stop doing drugs in view of the children. The man he approached, Miguel Mansour, 22 of Sterling Heights, responded by attacking Shereda. Mansour stabbed Shereda multiple times.

Utica Police said the attack was still in progress when they arrived. The Detroit Free Press reported that more than 200 containers of nitrous oxide were found at the scene.

Shereda died from his injuries.

“I am at a loss of word to describe how horrible this incident is,” said Utica Mayor Thom Dionne. “The city of Utica grieves for the family of Michael Shereda. Michael was a good man trying to do the right thing. This was an absolute senseless act of violence.”

The homicide was shocking for the city of Utica. It is the only one of its kind in at least the past 10 years.

“Something like this has never happened in our parks in the past, and God willing, will never happen again,” Mayor Dionne said. “Unfortunately, crime does not have an address, but on that day it came to the city of Utica.”

The mayor went on to say that the police department has increased patrols to restore the sense of security in the park. “The city of Utica is a fantastic place to live, work, and visit. We will continue to do the most good for our residents and visitors by having a strong presence in being vigilant,” Dionne said.

Both Utica and Shelby Township police responded to witnesses’ 911 calls Saturday afternoon and Mansour was taken into custody on site.

Shereda’s daughter, Angel Shereda, told WDIV that her father’s life revolved around his family. Rob Stroz of St. Clair Shores, who is close to the family, set up a GoFundMe page in memory of Shereda. The page states that Shereda “spent as much time with his grandkids as he could, taking them fishing, going boating, and hunting.” To donate to this fund, visit

The suspect, Mansour – who has a history of mental illness – is currently being held in Macomb County Jail without bond. He was arraigned for first-degree murder in 41A District Court in Shelby Township on Tuesday.