Troy Athens and Troy High to Kick Off Charity Week

CHARITY JAIL & BAIL is a popular fundraiser at Athens High during the annual Charity Week activities. You can help the kids raise (bail money) funds, check below. — photo courtesy of the Troy School District


The public is invited to step up and help our kids raise money for charity. In addition, you can eat out this week and contribute to the school’s coffers for charity.

The Troy High School’s restaurant nights are: Monday Feb 5: Smashburger; Tuesday Feb. 6 Chipotle; Wed. Feb 7 Zoyo Yogurt; Thurs Feb 8: Potbellly.

Those supporting Athens’ effort can dine at California Pizza night is Feb 7. Granite City is Feb. 8. Chipotle is Feb. 9 And, yes, you’ll need a to tell your server you’re there for the charity drive to get the 20 percent discount you’ll get that will go to the school’s charity drive.

Normally Troy Athens and Troy High Schools are friendly competitors and cross-town rivals. But not this month, each school is putting their competitive spirit aside and dedicating a week in February to do good for others, with activities designed to benefit their student government’s chosen charities.

Activist Week at Troy High School is February 5 – 9. Troy Colts host spirit activities throughout their week such as restaurant fundraisers every day, spirit days like Hawaiian Day, and Decades Day, donation competitions between the classes and evening events like Mr. Troy and their Snowcoming Dance that will allow them to raise money and awareness for A Friend for Flint.

For the past few years THS students have created a student-to-student relationship with the 500 students of Flint’s Northwood High School, by raising money to purchase essentials for all students. This year, THS is dedicating its efforts to help 1,000 students at two Flint elementary schools by collecting enough resources and items (specifically hygienic products like soaps, toothpaste, tissues) to fill two buses—one filled with donations, and one filled with THS students–to take to the schools to deliver personally.

If you have hand lotion, shampoo, toothpaste or other personal hygiene items, drop them off at the office at Troy High at Long Lake and Northfield.

As Troy High Principal Remo Roncone observed, “Even though the Flint water crisis has faded from the headlines, I’m proud that THS has maintained the student-to-student relationships they have developed over the past 3 years. Troy High students want to shine a light on Flint, to remind people they are still struggling and can use our help.”

For more information about Troy High’s Activist week, or to make a donation, visit or contact Troy High’s student government at

Meanwhile, across town, Troy Athens High School is getting ready for one of Michigan’s largest high school student-led charity campaigns, Charity Week, February 12-16, with the goal of raising over $100,000 for charity.

Last year’s Charity Week campaign raised an incredible $155,000! The charity chosen by the students this year is Detroit Street Care, whose mission is to provide quality medical care to the underserved homeless population of Detroit. The organization bridges the gap between the homeless population and the medical community by building relationships with patients to gain their trust by offering respect and companionship.

Senior Alicia McCallum said, “This is what we do at Athens, it’s part of our culture. We always look at the previous year’s total, and try to top it.”

Student Congress Co-Adviser Shawn DuFresne concurred, noting: “Charity Week started in the mid 1980s. By 1998, we raised $8,400 (for Gilda’s Club). By 2007, we had raised $26,400 (for Justice for Children). These kids are dedicated, invested and determined in their quest to help the charities they have chosen. Last year, we raised $155,000 for the Jenna Kast Believe in Miracles Foundation. The kids hope to exceed that goal this year.”

Various creative and fun activities for students are planned to raise money and awareness during Charity Week. For example, Penny Wars will be an all-week event where students place pennies into their grade’s container for positive points, while bills and silver coins are negative points. The popular Jail‘n’Bail allows students to place warrants on themselves, their friends, or their teachers; as a result, they are “arrested” during class and placed inside a “jail” and need to raise money to be bailed out. Other events include a pancake breakfast, volleyball tournament, Mr. Athens Pageant, pep assembly, film festival, teacher dance contest, parent cook-off, euchre tournament, magic show, carnival, and a dance.

The general public is invited to make a donation or purchase a $25 “passport” for many (but not all) of the activities, by visiting PaySchools, on the Troy School District website: Just click on the Community tab at the top, choose Payschools Login, and click on Athens High School. You can also contribute by check made out to Troy Athens High School, Memo Line: Charity Week, and sent to: 4333 John R. Rd, Troy, MI 48085.