TROY: Don’t Leave Valuables on the Bleachers When You Play at the Gym



USE GOOD JUDGMENT; GET A LOCKER. Victim changed his shoes to play basketball and set his NMD Adidas Shoes in his backpack and left them on the bleachers at the Troy Community Center. While playing basketball, unknown suspect(s) unzipped his backpack and stole his shoes valued at $130.

LET ME SAY THIS LOUD AND CLEAR. THERE IS ALMOST NO REASON TO HAVE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD ON YOU. Most info needed by others is just the last four digits, which you should memorize. This is asking to have your identity stolen. This incident also happened at the Troy Community Center on Saturday. Our victim placed his pants on the bleachers to play basketball and later left the facility, leaving them behind. When he returned shortly thereafter, he discovered the pants were stolen. Inside his pants was his wallet that contained his State of Michigan Operator’s License, his United State Social Security Card, several credit cards, his Blue Cross / Blue Shield Insurance Card, a $1 bill and a $1 Soaring Eagle Casino Chip. In the area of his pants were five male teenagers that stated they were from Detroit and were gone when he returned to retrieve his pants.

THESE ARE YOUR FRIENDS? Our victim reports inviting a few friends to the hotel room she had rented for a few days to hang-out. During their stay an argument broke out which turned into a physical altercation. At one point during the fight, a 20-year-old female from Southfield pulled out a folding knife and pressed it against the victim’s abdomen. A 19-year-old female from Bloomfield Hills was also involved in the fight and both the suspects left prior to the officers arriving. However, the suspects returned in the black Jeep they had left in and a traffic stop was initiated. The 20-year-old suspect was found to have a Misdemeanor Warrant for her arrest out of Birmingham for Operating While Impaired while the 19-year-old suspect had a Misdemeanor Warrant for her arrest out of Birmingham as well for Failure to Appear – Minor in Possession of Alcohol. She also had a Misdemeanor Warrant for her arrest out of Bloomfield Township for Failure to Appear – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Officers could detect the odor of alcohol emanating from both suspects and each agreed to submit to a Preliminary Breath Test. The 20-year-old suspect’s result was .14% while the 19-year-old suspect’s result was .11% – both were over the legal limit for an adult. Both suspects were arrested on the Misdemeanor Warrants and turned over to the Birmingham Police Department. The victim refused medical treatment but did wish to seek criminal charges for Assault and Battery.

“SORRY” JUST DIDN’T WORK THIS TIME. An 18-year-old male from Detroit came to the business with another unknown subject and both attempted to steal $295 of merchandise for sale in the store before fleeing the store. The 18 year old suspect turned around and returned to the store, telling the Loss Prevention Officer who was in pursuit of them, that he had a change of heart and was sorry he stolen the item.

The second suspect was able to make his escape and he fled south toward the Somerset Apartments. The 18-year-old suspect was arrested by the responding officers and charged with Retail Fraud – 2nd Degree. The Loss Prevention Officer was unable to provide a description of the second suspect.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes, or any other offenses, please call the Troy Police Department at 248- 524-3477. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may call 524-0777 and leave a message