TROY: Drivers Using Narcotics Are Dangerous to Everyone



IN JUST THREE DAYS, TROY POLICE MADE 10 NARCOTICS ARRESTS. NOT A GOOD SIGN. When officers reported to a vehicle crash on Dequindre at Maple, it was just 7:58 in the morning on a Thursday. The officers spoke with the at-fault driver, a 34 year old female from Sterling Heights who stated her foot had slipped off the brake of her silver 2008 Chevrolet Silverado causing her to rear-end the vehicle in front of hers. A witness stated observing the at-fault driver prior to the accident was driving erratically.

The officers noted the at-fault driver to be lethargic and her speech was slightly slurred. She was asked to perform several sobriety evaluations to which she did but the officers noted that she performed poorly. She submitted to a Preliminary Breath Test with a result of .000%. Her vehicle was searched and officers noted finding a plastic bag containing pills that were later identified as Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone along with a prescription bottle that contained Alprazolam pills that were prescribed to her. The narcotic had just been filled two days prior of 90 pills and instructions were to take one pill three times a day. The pill container was missing 27 pills and only should have been missing up to 6 pills. She was arrested and transported to the Troy Police Lock-up Facility. Due to the fact that the driver has a diabetic condition a search warrant for a Blood Test was needed and drafted, and was signed by a local magistrate. The search warrant was executed and her blood was drawn by medical personnel. She was charged with Illegal Possession of Synthetic Narcotics and Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Narcotics pending laboratory results.

YOU TAKE AN OPENED BOTTLE OF ALCOHOL ANYWHERE IT MUST BE IN THE TRUNK. An Officer initiated a traffic stop at Maple and John R just before midnight on a green Oldsmobile Alero that was being driven erratically. The officer spoke with the driver, an 18-year-old male from Troy, who indicated he had a Vape Pen explode on him, causing him to drive erratically. A Narcotics Police K-9 was brought to the scene and conducted an exterior sniff of the vehicle. The K-9 indicated the presence of a narcotic odor. When asked, the driver admitted that his friends have smoked marijuana in his vehicle in the past. A search of the vehicle revealed a black bag on the rear seat that contained two unopened bottles of alcohol and a third bottle of alcohol that had been opened and was ¼ full of alcohol. No other narcotics were found in the vehicle. The driver was arrested and charged with Minor in Possession of Alcohol and Transporting an Open Container of Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle.

SO WHO KNEW OF THIS PROJECT? A Minnesota Street resident discovered unknown suspect(s) entered his unsecured garage and stole parts for fiber optic lights that he has been accumulating to restore his 1969 Chevrolet Impala SS. He is unable to provide any possible suspects.

ONE NOT-SO-NICE EMPLOYEE WORKS HERE. The Controller of a Square Lake business reports that an unknown suspect(s) stole approximately $300 from a charity jar she is in control of from atop her desk. The theft occurred sometime when she stepped away from her desk and the office has approximately 25 employees in it. Her office is also left open for anyone to have access to.

THESE THIEVES COME WITH THEIR OWN LANDSCAPING BLOCKS. A Coolidge Highway resident discovered unknown suspect(s) stole the wheels and rims to his black 2013 Ford Explorer while the vehicle was parked in his parking space in the apartment complex parking lot. The vehicle was left atop blocks.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes, or any other offenses, please call the Troy Police Department at 248-524- 3477. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may call 524-0777 and leave a message.