Troy Police Officer of the Year Is Brian Warzecha

troy police chief gary mayer presented Officer Brian Warzecha with the Officer of the Year honor at the annual Police Awards Ceremony.

The Troy Police Department is proud to name Officer Brian Warzecha as the 2015 Officer of the Year. In 2015, Warzecha exceled in his capacity as both a Traffic Safety Specialist and a Field Training Officer.

“Officer Warzecha has a lot of responsiblities now. It’s especially important that police can handle multiple responsbilities today,” observed Troy Police Chief Gary Mayer. “He has been outstanding in drunk driving interventions and field training.”

Warzecha consistently goes above and beyond in his capacity as an investigator with the South Oakland County Crash Investigation Team (SOCCIT), striving to find answers on behalf of the individuals killed or injured in car crashes. Warzecha is frequently called out at all hours of the day and night in this role, and was involved in 11 fatal or serious injury car crash investigations in 2015.

Warzecha, who has been with the Department for 16 years, recognizes the importance of using traffic enforcement to keep the roads safe for the community. Warzecha routinely volunteers to work alcohol enforcement details, aiming to take drunk drivers off the road, as well as seatbelt enforcement details.  Officer Warzecha is a Standardized Field Sobriety Test Trainer, training other officers in this skill.

Warzecha is also helping to shape the future of the Troy Police Department as a Field Training Officer. Warzecha consistently acts as a mentor to younger officers and shows strong leadership skills under all circumstances.

Perhaps most importantly, Officer Warzecha routinely displays the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. In 2015, Officer Warzecha played key roles in locating a missing 8-year-old autistic child as well as apprehending a cell phone thief that fled from officers.

officer of the year, command

Troy Police Command Officer of the Year Is Sgt. David Quaiatto

Sgt. David Quaiatto followed in the footsteps of his father, Joe, and his uncle, serving along side his dad for nine years in the department.

“I saw what they did and wanted to follow. I like helping people,” he stated. “From the time I was young, I always admired him and wanted to be like him.  I never passed up an opportunity to go with him to the police station.”

The Troy Police Department is proud to name Sergeant David Quaiatto as the 2015 Command Officer of the Year. Quaiatto began working for the Department in 1989, and is being recognized for his many outstanding contributions to the Troy community in the last 27 years.

Quaiatto currently serves a supervisor on the midnight shift and is known for his sense of humor and positive approach to police work. Because of his calm demeanor and ability to talk to all people, Quaiatto has been a long time member of the Crisis Negotiation Team and currently serves as the Team’s leader.

Quaiatto is known for going the extra mile to help people, even in circumstances that some would not deem to be “police work.” For instance, this past winter, Quaiatto helped an elderly resident get their furnace started and helped a business owner fix the front lock on their business door.  On another call, Quaiatto helped calm a distraught woman by chatting with her and playing her favorite records.

Quaiatto is also the Department’s Chaplain Coordinator and a Firearms Instructor. In the past, Quaiatto served as a Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor and Investigator in the Special Investigations Unit.

officer of the year, non-sworn

Troy Police Non-Sworn Employee of the Year Is Christine Hill

“Christine Hill has given many years of dedicated service to the department,” noted Chief Mayer. “She’s always there when we need it tracking our time and payroll.”

The Troy Police Department is proud to name Christine Hill as the 2015 Non-Sworn Employee of the Year. Hill serves as the Secretary in the Operations Division of the Police Department, and has been working for the Department since 2004.

Hill is known for her positive attitude and commitment to the Police Department. In her position, Hill is responsible for recording and reporting payroll information for many members of the Police Department.  This is a large and complex responsibility given the 24-7 nature of police work.

Hill is known for her willingness to assist with any task and her upbeat approach to work. When asked what she liked about working for the Department, Hill replied, “The work is varied and I enjoy the job very much, as it is always interesting.”  Hill continued, “I am continually impressed by the tenacity, intelligence and professionalism displayed by Troy Police staff.”

Prior to joining the Police Department, Hill worked in other positions for the City in a part time capacity since 1996.