TROY POLICE PATROL: Crooks Will Use Many Routes to Get Your Money


Troy-Somerset Gazette

DOES THIS POOR VICTIM STILL GET THE BILLS? Our victim discovered unknown suspect(s) closed-out two of his credit cards and had new ones sent to an unknown address. The suspect(s) attempted to use one of the new cards at Sam’s Club in Southfield. The victim also discovered unknown suspect(s) signed him up for a delivery app that allows him to track deliveries which he did not do. The victim did not give anyone permission to do such and does not know how his personal information was compromised.

WHO KNEW WHERE YOU WERE HEADED, YOU MIGHT ASK. This victim works for a delivery service and was sent to the business to pick-up an order. While in route, he received an email that he thought came from his employer, asking for his email and account information. After replying to the e-mail, he noticed that his order to pick-up had been canceled along with his payment of $404. He later found out the email had not come from his employer.

REALLY, YOU’RE SURPRISED YOUR CAR WAS STOLEN? The rest of us are not. This way-too-trusting driver discovered unknown suspect(s) stole his blue 2018 Dodge Charger while it was parked in the Target parking lot on Coolidge. The victim left the vehicle unlocked with the ignition keys in the center console. The vehicle was later recovered by the Oak Park Police Department with two suspects arrested.

TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS EVERY DAY. A Traverse Drive resident discovered four fraudulent purchases against his bank account totaling $3,004. The purchases were made via PayPal. The victim did not give anyone permission to complete the purchases and does not know how his bank account information was compromised.

HE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE LICENSE PLATE NUMBER – Oh, this is the kind of transaction best done in front of the police station where there are cameras and officers at the ready. Hoping for a deal on iPhone, the victim met this pair in the Walgreen’s parking lot at John R and Big Beaver, was given a sealed iPhone box, and he provided the subjects with $400. The victim opened the box to find that it contained a fake plastic phone. The victim approached the subjects who had entered a blue vehicle and the driver flashed a large knife. The victim backed away and the suspects left the area heading westbound on E. Big Beaver Road.

TOO YOUNG TO BE DRINKING, AND LYING, LIKE THIS. Officers located a 16-year-old male from Troy, who was believed to be intoxicated. The officers spoke with the subject and noted an odor of alcohol emanating from him as he spoke. The subject admitted to drinking alcohol two days prior but had vomited because he had eaten and was having insulin issues. The subject submitted to a Preliminary Breath Test with a result of .143%. He was issued a Misdemeanor Citation for Minor in Possession / Consumption / Purchase of Alcohol and was transported home. He was turned over into the custody of his parents who confirmed that he was not diabetic.

UNLOCKED CAR HAS GUNS AND AMMO IN IT. A Thurber Drive resident discovered unknown suspect(s) entered his unlocked gray Dodge Ram Pick-up and stole his black Ruger SR22 Semi- Automatic Handgun, two 10-round ammunition magazines, and 100 .rounds of ammunition from the center console. The vehicle was parked in the careless victim’s driveway.

WHAT DO THIEVES LIKE THESE DAYS? Well, it’s in-dash navigation systems. Just a word of warning: If you rent a car with an in-dash system, you might want to pay for that insurance they offer. Some thieves are not very careful about tearing up the dash to get the systems out. Two Dodge Ram Trucks were broken into at the Embassy Suites and the navigation systems were taken.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes or any other offenses, please call the Troy Police Department at 248-524-3477. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may call 524-0777.