TROY POLICE PATROL: Resident Arrested After Threatening to Kill Police Officers



OBVIOUSLY A PROBLEM HERE. Officers responded to an apartment on Combermere twice to check on the welfare of the resident who initially stated that “everything was ruined.” The subject, a 45-year-old male from Troy, claimed that vigilantes ransacked his apartment, assaulted him, and turned off his heat and power. The claims could not be substantiated. The subject called the Troy PD again, again claiming his place was ransacked and indicating he was unhappy with the City of Troy. Upon a return to the location later in the morning, the subject made multiple threatening statements to Troy Police including, “If this stuff continues on, there’s going to be a lot of dead cops!” Witnesses also stated that the subject cursed Troy Police and said he would “shoot everyone in the building.” The subject was arrested and charged with a False Report or Threat of Terrorism, a felony. His attorney will certainly ask for psychological testing.

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE YOU MEET ON FACEBOOK. There’s a 100 percent chance it’s a scam. This was a costly mistake for a Troy resident who met an unknown male via Facebook and had at least one video chat with him. The suspect asked the victim for a $100 gift card for his granddaughter, which she sent him. The suspect then contacted her again, advising her that he had been sent to Dubai where he was robbed by a taxi driver and needed money. The victim sent the suspect $7,000 via wire transfer. The suspect then told the victim that his car broke down and he needed to ship it to China, so she sent him $20,000. The suspect then informed the victim that he had millions of dollars in shipping containers in China that he needed to retrieve and she wired him $35,000. When the suspect asked for $1,500 to help a friend, she declined as her checking account was depleted. No surprise, he has since stopped talking to her on Facebook.

THIS DRIVER HAS OBVIOUSLY NOT LEARNED HIS LESSON. A third drunk driving conviction can have very serious consequences. It was a Friday morning on Stephenson Highway when an Officer initiated a traffic stop on the driver of a red 2011 Jeep Patriot for a traffic violation. The officer spoke with the driver, a 67-year-old male from Shelby Township, and noted him to seem confused as he provided wrong documents to the officer. When asked, the driver admitted to consuming one drink containing alcohol at his hotel room which was nearby. The driver was asked to perform several sobriety evaluations to which he did but the officer noted that he performed poorly. He submitted to a Preliminary Breath Test with a result of .16%. He was arrested and while searching his vehicle, the officer located an open container of alcohol on the passenger seat under a bag. (That bottle must have been his “one drink.”) The driver was charged with charged with Transporting an Open Intoxicant in a Motor Vehicle and Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol – 3rd Offense (he had two prior convictions of Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol out of the 52-3 District Court – Rochester Hills and 48th District Court – Bloomfield Hills).

FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, IT’s JUST A GAME. This victim stated he was in the locker room earlier in the evening, arguing with another subject after a game of basketball at a local fitness club and was sucker punched by the suspect, causing a small cut over his left eye. Independent witnesses observed the victim provoking the suspect by shoving him twice. The suspect responded by punching the victim in the face. Responding officers attempted to locate the suspect to hear his side of the altercation but were unable to find him at home.

NO WONDER SHE FELL ASLEEP. Officers responded to southbound I-75 to check on the welfare of the driver of a red 2011 Jeep who was parked on the shoulder of the freeway and appeared to be slumped over the steering wheel. Officers located the vehicle and noted the engine to be running with a subject and lone occupant sitting in the driver’s seat. The officers were able to awaken the subject, a 25-year-old female from Oxford, who appeared sluggish and kept nodding off. The officers spoke with the subject who stated she felt sleepy and pulled over to rest. The subject produced several medications that she stated she was taking which included Clonazepam, Methylphenidate, Dulozetine, Lamotrigine, and Tylenol. She was asked to perform several sobriety evaluations to which she did but the officers noted that she performed poorly. She was arrested and transported to the Troy Lock-up Facility where she was read her Chemical Test Rights and agreed to take a Blood Test. Her blood was drawn by medical personnel and she was charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Narcotics – 1st Offense.

NOT A HAPPY VACATION HOMECOMING. Madison Drive residents returned home from vacation to discover unknown suspect(s) used a brick paver to smash the rear sliding door glass to gain entry into the home. Discovered stolen from the residence was the family’s blue 2008 GMC Envoy that was stored along the side of the home. The suspect(s) ransacked the home, locating the vehicle keys to the stolen vehicle along with the spare keys to the vehicle they were currently driving. Also stolen from the home was $500 in cash, three televisions, alcohol, jewelry, a laptop computer, and a Bluetooth music player. The homeowners will continue to search the home to determine if anything else is missing.

OF COURSE, THE RETAIL THIEVES ARE STILL OUT THERE. Kohl’s Department Store Loss Prevention Officer from the 500 John R location reported an unknown female came into the business and was able to steal $120 worth of merchandise that was for sale in the store. The Loss Prevention Officer was unable to apprehend the suspect but observed her enter a maroon 2009 Honda Accord, which drove away through the parking lot. The responding officers were able to locate the vehicle and a traffic stop was initiated. The officers spoke with the driver, a 55-year-old female from Sterling Heights and identified her as the suspect. She was arrested and charged with Retail Fraud – 2nd Degree.

DO THEY LOOK INNOCENT IF THEY HAVE A CHILD WITH THEM? Officers responded to the Children’s Place on Fourteen Mile on a report from the store manager that two suspects came into their business and stole merchandise that was for sale in the store. The officers located one of the suspects and apprehended her. Found in her possession was $220.77 worth of merchandise that was stolen from the business. The suspect did not have any identification and verbally provided her name to the officers who were later able to determine it to be incorrect. The suspect was also with a two-year-old child that was her daughter. The suspect was arrested and transported to the lock-up facility. After taking her fingerprints, her true identity was determined, that to be a 29-year-old female from Detroit. The child was released into the custody of the suspect’s sister and Child Protective Services was contacted. The suspect was charged with Retail Fraud – 1st Degree, Child Endangerment, and Hinder and Obstruction of a Police Officer. The second suspect was able to escape with possibly over $1,000 in stolen store merchandise. Wonder if the suspect will tell police the other woman’s name?

WONDER WHAT HE WAS GOING TO TELL THE BORDER CROSSING GUARDS? A 20-year-old male from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, came to the Macy’s store at Oakland Mall and attempted to steal $245 worth of merchandise for sale in the store by cutting off the security sensors with a pair of wire cutters before being stopped by Loss Prevention. He was arrested by the responding officers and charged with Retail Fraud – 2nd Degree and Possession of Burglary Tools.

Note: If you have any information on the aforementioned crimes, or any other offenses, please call the Troy Police Department at 248-524-3477.