Troy Police Stop Motorist Flashing Guns on I-75

Photo as presented by the Detroit Free Press, courtesy of the Troy Police Department.

On Saturday, June 11th at 8:20 p.m., Troy officers were summoned to southbound I-75 near Crooks regarding the occupants of a vehicle brandishing multiple guns. A passing motorist reported that the driver of a red Ford Edge had a gun in each hand and was pointing the guns out the front window.  The witness also stated that a passenger was pointing an assault-type rifle. There were four male occupants in the vehicle.

Troy officers located and stopped the vehicle, originating from Flint, and found four firearms in the vehicle and 134 rounds of ammunition.  Officers also found an open bottle of vodka and evidence of recent marijuana use.

Found in the passenger compartment of the vehicle was a Glock 17 handgun with a 30-round magazine, a Ruger SR9c pistol, a Draco 39 mm pistol with a drum barrel containing 59 rounds of ammunition and another Draco 39 mm pistol with a 30 round magazine.  Additional ammunition was also located.

Subsequent investigation showed that all of these guns were properly registered and two of the occupants were Concealed Pistol License holders.  Nevertheless, the behaviors of brandishing a weapon and possessing a weapon while consuming alcohol and/or drugs are illegal.  While this serves as a brazen example of irresponsible gun ownership, the Troy Police Department urges all gun owners to carefully evaluate their behavior when in possession of a weapon.

This incident is still under investigation. Additional witnesses are asked to contact the Troy Police Department at 248-524-3477.