Troy settles lawsuits on billboards


After exhausting all its legal options, the City of Troy decided to settle the lawsuits over three disputed billboards that Crossroads want to put up on Maple at Crooks, Livernois at Maple and Maple at Dequindre.

While the city issued the permits back in 2017, which were allowed under the city’s then-current sign ordinance, when residents saw three lighted billboards go up on Rochester Road, there were cries of “not in my neighborhood” heard loud and long.

The city instituted a 180-day moratorium on the signs, which they extended while writing a new sign ordinance. When construction hadn’t started, the city rescinded the sign permits.

Crossroads sued Troy in Federal court, claiming constitutional violations and, by the way, the permits had been legally issued.

A number of legal moves followed, with the city losing. So, if they tried to appeal to the Court of Appeals in the federal court, the city might lose $850,000. Since it was quite a lot of cash, settlement talks were started with Crossroads, with Troy agreeing to pay $80,000 in legal fees and Crossroads to get two billboards on Maple.

While no one on council liked the idea, they didn’t want to risk almost a million dollars and voted to settle.

In other business, City Council awarded a contract to provide a new contract for janitorial services for three years with the option to renew for three additional 3-year periods to NA Facilities Management of Ann Arbor, as a result of a best-value evaluation process for an estimated annual amount of $759,192 in year one, $770,460 in year two and, $781,896 in year three for Proposal A.

One thing the committee looking at the nine bids made for the job of keeping Troy facilities clean was that this company cleaned hospital and knows exactly how to keep things clean and safe.

It passed unanimously.